Mailing address:

Queen Mary University of London

School of Economics and Finance

Graduate Centre

Mile End Road
London E1 4NS

Office: GC5.42

Email: cristina.gualdani@gmail.com


Cristina Gualdani 

Assistant Professor (Lecturer) in Economics at Queen Mary University of London, School of Economics and Finance

TSE Associate Faculty

CeMMAP Research Associate


Fields: Econometrics, Empirical Industrial Organisation

Curriculum Vitae​

Google Scholar profile

Past events: CeMMAP/TSE Conference "Econometrics of Games, Matching, Networks", June 16-18 2021


An Econometric Model of Network Formation with an Application to Board Interlocks between Firms, Journal of Econometrics, 2021, 224(2), p.345-370.     [Paper]    [Supplement]   

Partial Identification in Matching Models for the Marriage Market, with S. Sinha.  [PaperairXiv] (Accepted Journal of Political Economy)

Working papers​ 

Identification and Inference in Discrete Choice Models with Imperfect Information, with S. Sinha. [Paper] (R&R Journal of Econometrics)

Price Competition and Endogenous Product Choice in Networks: Evidence from the US Airline Industry, with C. Bontemps and K. Remmy.

Work in progress


Robust Identification and Inference in Repeated Games, with N. Lomys and L. Magnolfi​​

Measuring Sorting and Inequality in the United States, with A. de Paula, E. Pastorino, and S. Salgado.